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"Secret Plan Of The Norvegians" at #1 on MyMusicStream Charts ( Aug 2007 )

"I think Norwegian Secret is my favourite....... :) Whole album is amazing! I bought Jupiter-4 but it has totally destroyed circuits... So I sold it. JP4 prices are getting higher... I'd like to pay about 200 euros for it, but prices in internet are about 350-400... It's too much for me now :(."

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Song Comments and Ratings The Secret Plan Of The Norwegians Album: Synthia Genres: Beats & Instrumental, Techno, Electronica Play: LOFI | HIFI Latest Member Reviews: jurrassicfive ( 02-Sep-07 ) Rating: 8/10 honestly this is the song beat is tight. What type of equipment do you use?.. got a demo.. maybe something i can download? ill snipe it no problem. but nice work and the hooks in this song are nicely done..the tempo was pretty consistant...kindi midi but


I personally find that the 'popular genre' of modern music that contains real talent, big tone and a message that is universal, to be wonderful in every aspect. My love for music starts with sounds that are pleasing to the mind and messages that are positive. Instrumental music inspires one to create within themselves a storybord of experiences.

The questions if music in form is dead or not unfortunantly happens with the ability of one to discover the music. The internet has opened the world of music to vast millions of people who otherwise never had such an oppurtunity.

I have had the pleasure of enjoying Attila's very experienced talent for over 5 years and he is a most amazing vocalist, writer, arranger, composer and instumentalist. Atilla is one of the very best. I sincerely invite you to listen to all of his music. I have yet to find any song that I am not in love with.

Sometimes in life, your are invited to experience very special things. You are within reach of experiencing something very special when you procure Atilla's music.

As a professional mastering engineer with over 30 years of experience with various talents in the music industry, I rank Attila's art amongst the highest of the highs. I post a picture of a loudspeaker system. To be THIS close to his music and the way it commands emotion is breath taking. Very few artists posses this level of talent or display this level of dedication to the arts.

Bill Roberts Florida USA

Hi Attila, I am so excited thank you so much, Your music is so wonderful and will make a great edition to our station. As you do more New Age type music in the future please let us know.

www.NumerOnemusic fan

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